About Letogroup

LETO + was established in 1993 and later  registered in all Schengen states to create a basic revolutionary in home life style and furnishing  better sense along families life duration.

Having been a member of WIPO Protocol, nowadays LETO GROUP has won a big market share in the global market and all customers have been expressing complete satisfaction from their purchase and use of LETO + products as they have been able to tangibly touch and feel the authentic meaning of Leto + slogan which reflects Genuine Quality.

We adorn your kitchens with the most welcoming and stylish LETO + products, tastefully designed to express freshness, coziness and real quality!

We believe basic and crucial appliances like chimney hood- hob gas – ovens – microwaves – sinks are playing the main role in this stage, that’s why LETO GROUP decided to invest on design, safety, full options, nice features, endurance and high quality to enhance the quality of lives and add freshness and innovation to the spirit of family gatherings!

LETO GROUP to meet his customers requirements , holding top services after sales and best technicians for installation to respect LETO + buyers.

We believe, if any purchases of LETO + you will definitely Touch the Quality. We are also holding a strong belief that "we have been always offering ultimate variety and innovation as well as utter security to our customers!"